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Prodigy Brake Controller

Product Description

Tekonsha is known for producing topnotch braking solutions. A good example is the prodigy electronic brake controller which is an automated brake controlling system that does not require any manual leveling. This brake controller is a great breakthrough in the inertia-activated brake controls. It is equipped with an automatic self-adjusting sensing device which resembles the one used in the guided-missile technology. This allows for easy and very flexible installation from a near horizontal to a near vertical prodigy. It includes three boost levels, a digital display, continuous diagnostics and battery protection. The system allows for easy transfer between automobiles.



  1. Application: It can be used on trailers with up to four axles or 8 brake assemblies. The system is designed for use with purely electric as well as electric-over-hydraulic trailer brakes.
  2. Dimensions: It is 3-1/8 inches wide, 5-1/8 inches long and 2 inches tall.
  3. Mounting: The controller mounts in a 360 degrees vertical plane operating range.
  4. Warranty: It normally comes with a limited life-time warranty

How it Works

With the prodigy electronic brake controller, you can automatically achieve heavy-duty emergency braking, slow-to-idle braking as well as general braking to your trailer. Unlike time-delay brake controllers which send the exact amount of the preset power each time the trailer brakes, these controllers can adapt to each braking situation differently. In case you slam on your trailer’s brakes, they will just activate with the same intensity. In the same way, if you simply slow down, the trailer will brake gradually. You simply need to select a boost setting and set the system’s initial power level and you will be good to go.
Provided the controller sits on a level horizontal plane and it is pointed in the truck’s direction of travel, with the help of the internal inertia sensor, it will sense how the tow vehicle brakes. The sensor then responds by signaling the break controller to send enough power to the brakes so as to activate them with a matching intensity. This results in a uniform and proportional braking across the entire towing setup.
If you need an advance yet effective brake controller for you truck, then prodigy brake controller will be the best for you.