Tekonsha Brake Controller

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Tekonsha Brake Controller

Travelling with a trailer has never been easier or safer with Tekonsha’s range of brake controllers. Tekonsha, a world leader in trailer brakes is trusted to offer a variety of brakes of a high standard making your trip stress free.

Why use Tekonsha Brake Controllers

Whether you have a boat trailer, horse trailer, utility or travel trailer which weigh above a specified limit, it is important to have a trailer braking system connected to a brake controller in the tow vehicle. This is necessary for maximum safety, when driving with a trailer in tow; the extra weight makes it difficult to slow down making it necessary for a separate breaking system. It is also mandatory in many states for a trailer to be equipped with brake controllers and the Tekonsha brake controller is one of the best options available.

How does the Tekonsha Brake Controller Work?

There are two types of brake controllers, mainly proportional brake controllers and time delayed brake controllers. The Tekonsha devices are proportional brake controllers meaning when the tow vehicle brakes, the controller uses a pendulum to sense the deceleration and applies an appropriate amount of current to the trailer to slow it down. This offers a smooth braking response as the trailer level of deceleration is matched to that of the tow vehicle decreasing the risk of a collision.

Advantages of Tekonsha brake controllers

This unique brake controllers have an LCD display which show necessary statistics such as the battery life, output voltage and current of the brakes plus it also warns you when there is no trailer attached to the brake controller. Because the same amount of braking power is applied to both the tow vehicle and the trailer, this greatly decreases the amount of wear and tear on both vehicles’ systems. These types of controllers also integrate seamlessly with newer wiring harnesses found in the latest trailer models. They are also easy to install thanks to their self-adjusting sensing devices. Proportional controllers also retain the brakes applied to the trailer if the brakes fail or in the event of traction loss.

Tekonsha’s range of brake controllers

Tekonsha offers a variety of brake controllers suited to your needs be it price, trailer weight or the level of control required. Some of these models are:
It has all the basic capabilities of a brake controller with an additional boost feature which lets you apply more initial braking power when towing a heavier trailer. It can also be mounted in various ways including a 360 degree vertical rotation. Reversing is also made easy with proportional distribution of braking power and it can be disabled when not needed.
This device is two levels above the P2 brake controller with the same features with the addition of a removable mounting clip allowing for easy storage when not in use. The LCD display can be set to English, French or Spanish as well as giving you the option of switching between an electric braking system or the electric over hydraulic mode.
With their wide range of brake controllers, Tekonsha can satisfy your trailer brake needs with the highest standard of controllers. From basic controllers to high-tech devices, there is a brake controller for everyone from Tekonsha.